Land Conservation

The control of erosion and sedimentation.


To provide urgently needed assistance for stormwater management in the form of both technical and educational outreach for each of the nine member counties.


Assist County Departments with flood and stormwater management plan assistance including its impacts on erosion, flooding and property damage, sedimentation, aquatic health, and water quality.

  1. Increasing Education:  Meet with county agencies to discuss their current plans and assess their need for additional education and assistance.
  2. Assist all nine S&WCD’s to develop customized materials to be used for County Commissioners and other local officials addressing issues of stormwater management in their respective watersheds.


Create opportunities to provide education to the public about stormwater management issues

  1. Assist SWCD’s in developing and distributing area wide educational materials each year to be used for educating diverse audiences about watershed issues such as drainage, flooding, erosion, sediment, and non-point source pollution.
  2. Develop a methodology for county officials to gain Certified Professional in Storm Water Quality (CPSWQ) accreditation.

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