2021 Goals, Objectives & Strategies

Goals by Category Descriptions

The control of erosion and sediments

The conservation, use, and quality of water, including irrigation and rural water supplies; the mitigation of floods and high-water tables; the repair and improvement of reservoirs; the improvement of agricultural water management; and the improvement of water quality.
The development of resource-based industries; the protection of rural industries from natural resource hazards; the development of adequate rural water and waste disposal systems; the improvement of recreation facilities; the improvement of rural housing; the provision of adequate health and education facilities; the satisfaction of essential transportation and communication needs; and the promotion of food security, economic development, and education. The goals, objectives, and strategies identified are consistent with those identified in the “Voices & Choices Report” for Northeast Ohio which identified as a major goal to foster economic growth & job creation while reducing sprawl and improving regional connectivity.

Energy conservation that includes the production of energy crops, the protection of agricultural land as appropriate from conversion to other uses, farmland protection, and the protection of fish and wildlife habitats.

Capacity Building, Sustainability, Organization Responsibilities and Maintenance

Conduct activities undertaken to maintain the organization’s capacity, effectiveness and sustainability.  Some activities are required by law or organizational by-laws; others are necessary to ensure the WRRC&DC’s future success.
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